1.6 Child Protection Medicals

HIPS CP Medical request form Nov 2023Paediatric services see children aged 0-18 years referred for assessment of physical injuries. Specialist services see children, young people and adults referred for assessment of sexual abuse with different pathways according to age. Please see links below for details.

Download the Child Protection Medical Request Form here

Guidance on arrangements for Child Protection Medicals for HIPS Children’s Services can be downloaded here.

Guidance on arrangements for medical examinations in suspected child sexual abuse can be found here.

HIPS pathway for pregnancy in children under the age of 13 years can be found here

Here is the pathway that explains the process in each local area: Portsmouth and SE Hampshire patients (and for child sexual abuse examinations in Isle of Wight patients)Hampshire Hospitals requesting child medical and Southampton Child Protection Medical Referral flow pathway.

The Preliminary Paediatric Opinion Form can be downloaded here.. This is the form that is filled in by doctors immediately after a medical examination and strategy discussion have taken place. It should be followed by a full medical report within 10 working days. This report may need to be requested.

Guidance on arrangements for Child Protection Medicals for siblings of index cases can be found here.

Leaflets for parents and children having a Child Protection Medical:

CSA medical leaflet for children and carers

CP medical leaflet for children and carers


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